Mr. Rahul Parikh Bedroom
Mr. Rahul Parikh Living Room

Mr. Rahul Parikh's Message

Dear Sudhirbhai,

On behalf of our entire family, let me extend a very warm and heart-felt appreciation for your efforts in making our residence a home.
Your efforts in designing our home during this extensive renovation has indeed now provided us with a home, which takes care of all of our comforts and also provides for our needs. Within the constraints imposed by us, I believe that we could not have hoped for a better result.
In fact, I personally had almost given up hope of coming up with a design which would cater to our needs. I must admit that it was Rachana with her never say no attitude who took the initiative of meeting you for a design. The design that came through was one which we could not refuse and all my objections were defeated and we started with the project.
The time line within which the project was completed is indeed remarkable and we convey our sincere gratitude to you for helping us in adhere to our self-imposed time line.
All of our relatives and friends who have seen our new home have appreciated the elegance and utilitarian concept of the layout and have also appreciated the way each and every space is utilized thus giving us maximum utilizations. At the same time, none of the areas feel cramped but give us an open and expansive feel.
We again sincerely thank you for your wonderful efforts and really appreciate your work and skills.
I also appreciate the work of your entire team, especially Shri Om Prakash and Shri Vilasrao for their sincere and outstanding work. Please do convey our appreciation and gratitude to them.

Thanking you,
Rahul Parikh
Parikh Shah Chotalia & Associates
Chartered Accountants

Mr. Mahesh Mistry's Bunglow
Mr. Mahesh Mistry's Bunglow
Mr. Mahesh Mistry's Kitchen
Mr. Mahesh Mistry's Bedroom

Mr. Mahesh Mistry's Message

The layout of the house is so well thought of that we don’t even use the air conditioners in the peak summer season!